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KH Tarot: Six of Shields (lineart) by way2thedawn
KH Tarot: Six of Shields (lineart)
A figure of wealth a sophistication bestowing favors upon the lowly beggars.  Holding a scale to represent fairness and equality.  Or something along those lines.  This was maybe gonna be Scrooge, but he's better elsewhere, and I like the blue fairy too much to not put her in here.  Plus Pinocchio and Geppetto.  Come on.  It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to situate the scene.  I knew I wanted them on the bed, with the fairy watching over them, but that was about it.  Then I figured the part where Pinocchio's dead was more crucial in terms of the fairy's ultimate kindness.  With the shields raining down on them from her sleeves of dreams.  :shrug:

Shield Six: Shooting Star

Upright: Generosity, charity, giving, prosperity, sharing wealth

Reversed: Debt, selfishness, one-sided charity


KH tarot started by :iconautumn-sacura:
(c) Square-Enix
(c) Disney

Royal Story Time by way2thedawn
Royal Story Time
I've always wondered about the relationship Vegeta had with his father, before he died.  And, of course, like most other fans, wondered why he was still a prince when he should now be a king.  I just always figured it was cause the Saiyans were extinct, there was no need for it.  However, recently I found a vid that listed a bunch of "interesting things we never knew about Dragon Ball Z".  One of them said that Vegeta never took on the title of "King" out of respect for his father.  So, of course, the curiosity was sparked up again.  With the rekindled love for the Dragon Ball series, I started watching through the series again.  Currently on Namek, and Vegeta is goin on and on bout the Super Saiyans, so I wanted to make something cute.  King Vegeta telling his son about the Legendary Super Saiyan.  I'm sure the title wouldn't be in English, but unfortunately, I don't know the Saiyan alphabet.  

It's terrible for an artist to say, but it's been a while since I've just sat down and drawn. Of course, I've been drawing, but they've just been little side projects I've set for myself. It feels good to just sit down with my sketch book and just draw whatever I feel like, without any real rhyme, reason, or even duty to it. As yu can clearly see, somehow DBZ has brought this back out in me.  It's strange because I used to always have so many problems drawing in DBZ style, due to the simplicity of the designs.   Go Figure.

(c) Akira Toriyama
Puddin art dump by way2thedawn
Puddin art dump
Aside from my main Saiyan character, I did want to try out the other races.  I don't really like the Freeza race, and the Nameks are good, but again, not a fan of their move set.  (Haven't actually made a human.)  However, those Majins are awesome.  Her movements are so fluid and I love fighting with her, plus look at her... she's adorable.  So, Puddin is now my second permanent OC.  If I ever get around to really writing any of my DBZ fanfiction.  I'll probably explore a little more with the fluidity of the Majin body structure.  That mad face was fun.  Again, a little homage to Super Buu with that evil little grin.  Don't have much of her back story spelled out yet.  I just know that her and Fatalni and now totes besties.  She's also the tiniest Majin I could get, and just barely comes up to Broly's knee.  It's so damn cute.  Plus, her skin tone is difficult to match.  It's supposed to be a cream color, since I was trying to imitate pudding.  The similarity to natural skin tone is kind of a pain.  I might collect the dragon balls so I can play around with it more. :shrug:

I'll confess, Puddin was created in honor of Lord Beerus; with some influence from Dumplin.  At some point I am gonna have to do the Puddin joke with Beerus and Buu.

I'll most likely still draw my Namek and Freeza, cause they look awesome.  Just won't be much.

DBZ (c) Akira Toriyama
Fatalni art dump by way2thedawn
Fatalni art dump
Just gonna say, I had to do that sinister little grin, in honor of Vegeta.  The one true master.


As some people (likely very few) know I've had a Saiyan OC for years, and this is her.  WOO HOO!  (I missed DBOnline, so I didn't get the chance to make her till now, and they actually had mods for me to get her pretty damn close to my head image.)  Also, I added a tail, cause the Saiyans SHOULD HAVE TAILS!  At least give us the option to have one or not, instead of needing to wear the armor.  Guess it would be confusing with having to fight Ozarus and stuff, but whatever.  Tali has a tail.

Since I came up with her when I was super duper little her backstory's fluctuated a bit, but originally she was cloned from DNA remnants of planet Vegeta by someone who wanted to revive the Saiyan race.  Similar to Freeza's mind set to make them serve him, but being a Saiyan she wasn't gonna put up with that shit.  Of course, this man didn't have Freeza's strength, but he was a scientist and had installed a genetic off switch.  Kinda like with what Dr. Gero had for 17 and 18, but not a literal switch.  It's more like installing a code word in her brain.  If that doesn't work... drug her.  Because Fatalni got to the point where she was more trouble than she was worth, (and had pissed off this mysterious no named scientist (who I'm gonna now call Dr. Muck) by destroying all of his other specimens) he sold her to a collector, since Saiyans are virtually extinct.  Getting word of a male specimen on Earth, they were heading there to try and collect him, when Fatalni broke free.  Which is how she inevitably ended up on Earth.  

I had that this scientist dude knew a lot of "ancient" long forgotten things about the Saiyan race, and trained her in such.  One of which was me making up a Saiyan language.  In this head cannon was that the language hadn't been used by any Saiyans for years, but being part of the royal family, Vegeta was obligated to learn this.  I only wanted this, so that when Fatalni met Vegeta they could have a conversation in Saiyanese, or whatever the hell I called it.  At some point she tried to teach Trunks.  He picked up on it, but gets mocked mercilessly for his lousy accent... cause that's what fluent beings do.

Oh yea, she's supposed to exist in the future Trunks timeline, inevitably hooking up.  (mayhaps meeting Vegeta through time travel shenanigans) Mainly cause they left his story completely open, before Xenoverse.  With the introduction of this, I'm wondering if I should just have her come from an older timeline, and they just meet cause she's a fellow time patroller.  (Or the TFS path.  The dragon revived everyone killed by Freeza and his men.  That's a long ass list, when you really think about it.  The Saiyans would be on there.  Can't quite remember how the anime worded it, but the manga doesn't specify just people on Namek.  So sad.  Vegeta could have gone home, all this time.)

On final note of interest - back when Fatalni was created, I didn't realize all Saiyan's names were some variation of vegetables.  I realized some were, but didn't think it was a hard and fast rule.  Initially I named her after Xera's daughter from Lion King 2, Vitani.  Once I realized that whether it be English or Japanese, they were all vegetables, I sat down and started looking up different vegetables to see about changing her name.  I then discovered that there is a pepper that comes from central/south Africa called Fatalii.  So, I lucked out.  Good thing too, cuz I didn't want to change her name.  I just like to try and stick with continuity.

DBZ (c) Akira Toriyama
War Stories-Colored by way2thedawn
War Stories-Colored
Trying to experiment with a sorta ghettoshoop painterly style, and was only partially successful.  Oh well, i think it looks neat.  Colored version of my submission for :iconsunstroke-art:'s :iconreno-n-vincent: contest.  Sunny dear, I'll let you decide which one you like better to submit.


PS: I suck a BG

(c) Square-Enix
So, as much as my mom annoys me with her snide little comments, and mocking most of what we're watching, sometimes she really cracks me up.  I'm watching Advent Children, and mama waltzes in for the last half of it.  Upon seeing Cloud, she refuses to believe that he is a man.  Swears up and down that Cloud has to be a woman, because he's too pretty and is perfectly clean shaven.  Of course, she has no problem believing Cid and Barret are male.  Hell, she even believes that Vincent is a man (even before he spoke), but nope... there's no way.  Cloud has to be a woman.  After a while, I'm pretty sure she's just being a troll, but it's still amusing.  Then, she says something that keels me over with hysteria.  At the end of the movie, when Aeris is leaving with Zack my mom says, "Yea, I'm gonna go with him, because he's manlier."

She could not comprehend the beauty behind why I was laughing so hard, but was still amused at my reaction.  I always knew Cloud was just a fake, blonde Zack, and now I know that people who don't know anything about the series can see it too.
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