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There was certainly a great benefit to Cure magic, but it also had its faults. Especially with it being this low of a level. It could heal practically any wound, as long as it wasn't super deep. Deep, more intense wounds would take time, and didn't always heal properly. On top of that, it didn't help with pain, or exhaustion. Turks were required to carry one, as a stabilizing agent, but most didn't really like to use it. He'd even known one of his comrades to die after the spell was cast on her. Even if Vincent's wounds were healed, he would still need a good long rest to fully recover. Fortunately, he was getting this with the train ride. They didn't dare head into the train cars, so just stayed where they had initially entered. Sephiroth was still clinging tightly to Vincent, falling in and out of sleep. Despite being told it was ok, he still fought to stay awake. Vincent, on the other hand, was far too alert to let himself sleep.

Unfortunately, they both knew this couldn't last long.

“Attention, Conductor.” Sephiroth woke, with a start, both eyes screwed towards the nearest car with the sound of Eryn's voice over the intercom. “A dangerous fugitive has stowed away, on your train. You are required to perform a scan, of each car, and stop this train immediately. All passengers are asked to remain in their seats.”

Sephiroth seemed startled by this announcement, but Vincent just smiled. She didn't have to make that announcement over the intercom. Each car had a direct line to the engine room, in case of emergencies. She probably wrote it off as being the only way to get the message to the passengers, but Vincent knew it was really for his benefit. “She's still trying, huh.” Sephiroth was a little shocked to hear a deep laugh rumble in Vincent's throat. “What's so funny? They caught up to the train.”

“It's fine.” Vincent stood, carefully stepping over to the next car. He peered in the crack, in the door, watching for the red light. It was an interesting device that was able to scan each passenger and identify whether or not they were supposed to be on the train. It started in the first car, and they were only three away from the engine, so he shouldn't have to wait long. Sure enough, there was a bright red flash, which slid over the forward car. A brief pause, then it started in the next car. “Connection has been made.” Vincent commented lightly. He reached out and grasped Sephiroth's hand, leading him over. Upon opening the door, Vincent reached in and pulled a large lever, enclosed in what looked like a circuit breaker box. There was a loud hiss, and the cables holding the two cars together unlocked, leaving the rest of the train behind.

“Bye bye, train.” Sephiroth laughed airily, rubbing his tired eyes.

Vincent brushed a hand over the long silver strands. Sephiroth was so tired. Hopefully they could find somewhere to rest soon. “Come on.” He slipped his hand into Sephiroth's leading him on through the cars. Fortunately, at this time of night, there wouldn't be that many passengers, (The train was possibly going to pick up commuters.) so there were only two people in the cars they were passing through. The people in there did their best to ignore Vincent and Sephiroth, but they did kind of stand out. They swept through quickly, until finding their way to the engine room. Vincent drew his gun and kicked open the door. He stood, holding Sephiroth hidden behind him, gun trained on the conductor. “I suggest you take your hand off the break, and leave this area immediately. Don't try and be a hero. Don't tell anyone I was here. Just go.”

The conductor stared at him, wide eyed. He definitely wasn't the fighting type, and looked as though he didn't want to die. The look on his face only expressed how lost he was for what to actually do.

Vincent mustered up his most terrifying glare. It was always easy, with his bizarre eye color, but now they glowed. If only he had that for some of the particularly stubborn interrogations. “Did I stutter? Get out!”

The conductor yipped, and ran from the engine room.

With him gone, Vincent just laughed, shaking his head. Sephiroth stepped out and watched his retreating back. “Wow. What a coward.”

“Not many people like having a gun pointed at them.” Vincent commented, making his way over to uncouple the car. This way, even if they managed to get through the other train, then this section would block off any pursuers. Maybe it would crash too. That would certainly be helpful. Vincent felt a little guilty about the passengers either heading home or to work. This guilt was overruled by the knowledge that Sephiroth was more important. So their time was a necessary sacrifice.


Luck was actually on their side, allowing the engine to pull smoothly into the station of sector seven. It would only be a matter of time until the Turks caught up with them, so they still had to keep moving. However as they made their way through the slums, it was obvious that Sephiroth was having a hard time keeping up. Vincent scooped the small child up, into his arms, giving him a chance to rest. He tried so hard to stay awake, but it was getting more and more difficult. Eventually, Sephiroth had fallen completely under, draped heavily over Vincent's shoulder. He had to find somewhere for them to stop and rest. It was difficult enough making his way through a veritable train graveyard, but there was no secure place, for them to stop. ShinRa definitely had a habit of popping out of anywhere they pleased.

He certainly had done so, many times before.

Vincent carefully climbed down from the broken train, trying very hard not to wake the sleeping child. Sephiroth whimpered lightly, from being jarred, wrapping his arms further around the gunman's neck. Vincent paused to wait for him to settle down.

After a short while longer Vincent came across what looked like a small playground. There were slides, swings, and even jungle gyms. There was still construction equipment laying around, so it must have just been built. It was a nice touch. The children, in this area, could use a good safe way to entertain themselves. Off to the right was a section, of sector six, which Vincent pretty much knew as the red-light district of the slums. It wasn't all promiscuity, but pretty close. Off of another juncture was the entrance to sector seven; a big residential area. Vincent considered heading into there, but such a highly populated area was a Turk magnet. And the people in the “red-light district” might recognize him. He never treated them badly or anything, and some of the girls at Honey Bee even liked him. However, they knew he was with the Turks and that might not be beneficial.

Instead, he continued on through sector six, making his way slowly past the small rundown marketplace. Some lights shone through the windows, and even a couple heads poked into the light. Vincent stayed mostly in the shadows, so he wasn't too worried about being seen. Hopefully, they just heard a noise and decided to check it out.

Eventually, Vincent could see the steeple of what looked like a church poking over the little community houses. The walls surrounding Midgar were just a short ways away. If he could make it out of the city, He could head towards Junon and hitch a ride on the next transport ship out of there. It wasn't a truly solid plan, but it was the best he could do.

Before long, Vincent was standing in front of the church, staring up the high wall. He was never a very religious man, but somehow, the sight of it seemed to say comfort, and rest. Vincent could keep walking until his feet bled, and not be able to find anywhere safe. A sliver of light rested against the side of his face, drawing his eyes towards the beginning of morning peering under the plate. Normally the sight of a sunrise would represent hope, but the sight of it made a stone drop into Vincent's stomach. He hadn't realized just how close daylight was. There was a large expanse of nothing surrounding Midgar, and ShinRa would easily be able to spot them. Slowly, Vincent's eyes traced up the side of the high steeple again. It was much better for him to wait and travel by night. He could use the time to rest, and think of the next step of his plan.

Vincent made his way into the church, jarring Sephiroth with the force he had to put in under the weight of the door. Sephiroth woke up, rubbing his tired eyes. “Why'd you let me fall asleep?” He asked, slurring his words slightly.

“Because there was no need for you to be awake.” Vincent answered offhandedly, stepping into the sanctuary. The door swung closed, behind him, with a dull woomp. Both of them looked around the expansive room, as Vincent walked between the long line of pews. There were pillars holding up a second story, and large intricate stained glass windows lining the walls. It was a shame this church was in the slums. The sun would never be able to take full advantage of those beautiful windows.

Vincent stopped, before the altar, staring up at the large symbol at the back of the church. He couldn't quite place his finger on it, but this spot had an intense feeling of comfort. Almost a kind of flow of energy, radiating around his feet. Something compelled Vincent to close his eyes, as if trying to draw it in.

“What are we doing here?” Sephiroth asked quietly, rubbing his eyes again.

Vincent sighed, adjusting the small child, on his hip. “Calling it a night.” He glanced over at Sephiroth seeing his hands were still red with dried blood, which he was smearing on his face, without seeming to realize it. Vincent pulled his hand away. “Let's get cleaned up and see about getting some rest.” Sephiroth let out a low hum, dropping his head back onto Vincent's shoulder.

Vincent made his way into the back of the church, soon finding a restroom. It wasn't too large; just a couple stalls, with urinals finishing off one wall. On the other side was two sinks, and a large shelf. A cracked dusty mirror took up the wall over the shelf. It didn't seem as though this building had any upkeep for a few years now. Vincent tested the sturdiness of the shelf, before setting Sephiroth on it. The small child swayed drowsily, then forced himself upright, blinking a few times to try and wake himself up. “Is it really ok for us to stop?” He asked, still slurring his words a bit.

“This is about as good as we're going to get.” Vincent responded, checking the taps for running water. He was surprised to find there was, but if the water was heating up it wouldn't be doing so any time soon. “We need some recovery time, and it won't do for us to travel during the day.” Not surprisingly, there were no towels of any kind, so Vincent resigned to ripping the bottom of his lab coat.

“How come?” Sephiroth barely got the question out before a big yawn cut him off.

Vincent couldn't help but smile at him, wetting the fabric and started cleaning the blood from Sephiroth's face. “Because, we can be spotted easier, in the daylight. The slums are fairly expansive, so it should take the Turks a long time to thoroughly search for us, down here.” It felt so strange to think of the Turks as an enemy. To see them as something he needed to hide from. Vincent checked the wound on Sephiroth's head. The cure Materia had healed him up as well, leaving a small pink mark in its wake. A higher level would have done a better job. “We'll set out again, at night.”

“But what if they come, while we're asleep?”

“You just let me worry about that.” Vincent wrung out the cloth, and started trying to clean off Sephiroth's hands. “All I want you to do is get some sleep.”

“Aren't you going to sleep?”

Vincent shook his head. “I'm not tired. Just taking a break will be enough for me.” The blood, on his hands wasn't going to make much progress. There was far too much to clean off with just this small scrap of cloth. “Hey, tell you what.” Vincent lifted Sephiroth from the shelf, and set him on the ground. “See if you can do a better job at this than I can.”

Sephiroth stared at his red hands, turning them over, slowly. “I guess.” He stepped up to the sink, having to stand on his toes to get his hands under the stream of water. The cold water startled him to recoil, but he eased back into it, scrubbing off his hands. It was unfortunate there was no soap to assist him.

Vincent glanced up at the mirror, only able to see a vague shadow of his reflection. He reached out, wiping off the glass. The dust was thick enough to where it built up against the side of his hand, like a pile of rice, having a consistency near to webbing. It took a bit, but the mirror came clean about as much as he could get it. For the first time, since he had awoken, Vincent actually saw himself, and didn't fully recognize the man staring back at him. He never understood how his father could stand his hair being so long, so he'd never let his own reach his shoulders. However, now it was trailing halfway down his back. His skin was paler than normal, and helooked half starved. Yet somehow he wasn't really hungry. Vincent had never been particularly strong, but what little muscle definition he had was diminished. He could even see the outline of his ribs pressing out against his skin. If it wasn't for the color of his eyes, he may not have even recognized himself, but seeing them glowing with Mako even confused his senses.

Of course, being in his line of work, scars were nothing truly out of the ordinary, but they were not nearly this bad before. The entirety of Vincent's torso was criss-crossed with a multitude of cuts that looked as though they had ranged from old to new. The most prominent of which was a large mark stretching across his left shoulder, and on down the center of his chest. A chill ran through Vincent's body recognizing this as being a common cut used in autopsies. A mark, on his forehead, caught his attention. Vincent pulled back his hair, eyeing the large scar streaked across his forehead. Had that son of a bitch opened his skull? What the hell happened?

Vincent let out a series of deep short breathed sighs, eyes falling down to the black hand, resting against the shelf. Only small snippets of Hojo's manipulations were still in his head, but Vincent didn't really consider what physical ramifications these acts might have had. The hand, still resting against the mirror slid downwards, and the broken glass, cut him. Vincent hissed, looking to see blood peeking through the long cut, down the side of his ring finger. He licked the blood off, and checked again, eyes widening in disbelief and slight horror. From the bottom up, the cut mended itself, leaving a thin white line in its wake. “What?”

“Are you ok?” Sephiroth was staring up at him, confused, shaking water from his hands.

“Yea.” Vincent answered off-handed, examining his finger. His eyes shifted back up to his reflection, at the bullet holes, that had just been made less than an hour ago. All that was left were small pinkish blisters. Not even a master restore was that potent. What had Hojo done to him?

Sephiroth wasn't liking the look in his eyes, and held up his wet hands to Vincent. “All clean.”

Vincent glanced down at him, his mind still wandering. After a breath, he smiled, and knelt down, drying Sephiroth's hands with whatever clean scrap he could still find on his lab coat. “So they are. Let's go, kiddo.” Vincent slipped his hand into Sephiroth's, leading him from the rest room.

“So, where are we going to sleep?” Sephiroth asked, yawning again.

“I'm sure we can find a nook somewhere, around here, to hide out in.” Vincent lead him up a flight of stairs soon finding a small overpass, in the main sanctuary. It was like a balcony, with two long pews stretching all the way down. It wasn't really ideal, but gave him a good vantage point of the entrance. “This might work.” They crossed to the other end of the balcony, and Vincent released Sephiroth's hand. “Let's see here.” He gripped the far end, of the forward pew, planting his shoulder on the side. Considering it had to be about twenty feet long, Vincent was expecting a lot more resistance. However, it slid easily across the floor, and up against the door. Perhaps it wasn't made of any truly sturdy wood.

Sephiroth blinked a few times, feeling his eyes drooping again. “Impressive. How will we get out?”

“I can just move it back. (Apparently) I'm more concerned about keeping anyone from getting in here.” Vincent peered over the low wall, double checking that nobody had entered in the time they had been there. There was what appeared to be a wardrobe in the back corner, so he made his way over. “Why don't you go ahead and lay down.” Vincent opened the wardrobe, looking around for anything useful. At first sight, there wasn't anything but a few empty hangers. Fortunately, there was a small drawer, in the bottom of the wardrobe, with some folded up robes.

Vincent kept one of the robes folded, and laid it next to where Sephiroth was sitting, at the end of the pew, to act as a make-shift pillow. There was already a red pad on the pew, but it was fairly thin. Even still, it was bound to be more comfortable than the floor. Vincent sat on the floor, patting the folded robe. “Come on. Lay down.”

Sephiroth seemed a bit reluctant, but did as he asked. Evidently, he was still determined to not want to fall asleep, but he was having a hard enough time staying upright, and laid down. “Do you know where we're going to be heading tomorrow?”

Vincent threw a second robe over top of Sephiroth, tightening it around his shoulders. “Let me figure that out, you just get some sleep.”

Sephiroth yawned, stretching as he rolled over on to his side. “Meaning, you have no idea.”

“For your information, smart mouth.” Vincent leaned closer, lowering his voice. “I'm intending for us to head to Junon, then stowing away on an outgoing cargo ship.” Getting through the mountains safely was the part he couldn't figure out.

“Where to?”

“That I don't know.” Vincent commented, eyes falling in thought as he shifted his feet out from under him. “Anywhere's better than here.”

Sephiroth laughed.

“And what, may I ask, is so funny?” Vincent asked derisively, stroking the child's head.

“I don't know.” Sephiroth responded, with a lazy shrug. “It should be fun to be on a ship. I've never seen the ocean before.”

“You've never been out of Midgar, huh?”

Sephiroth gave another big yawn, which seemed to guide him further to sleep. “I've never been out of the labs before.”

Vincent's expression fell, watching his hand slide through the soft silver strands. He really shouldn't have been surprised by this. What all had this poor child been through? Only a monster like Hojo could stomach justifying this kind of treatment. Vincent leaned forward, laying a kiss next to his hand. “I promise, you'll never have to see that place again, Sephiroth.”

Sephiroth sighed, a small smile crossing his face. He reached a hand out, wrapping his fingers around the black left hand laying on the seat next to him, and tucked it under his chin. “Will you stay with me?” He asked drowsily.

Vincent continued to run his hand through Sephiroth's hair, laying his head down next to him. “I'm not leaving your side.”


Vincent's mind wandered in infinite directions, soon drawing his attention away from watching the sleeping child. There was no way of knowing how much time had passed before he heard something coming through the front door of the sanctuary, coupled with a set of voices. They spoke too low to make out any words, but they sounded excited about something. Vincent gently eased out the hand still trapped within Sephiroth's grip, only stirring him slightly.

With gun in hand, he shifted over to peer over the side of the balcony. He sighed with relief at the source of the noise. Just a couple of kids. A boy and girl, possibly mid teens, with their hands pawing all over each other. They collapsed onto one of the pews, potentially trying to eat one another.  Guess this was a holy place, in appearance only.

Vincent rolled his eyes, settling back behind the short wall. He had considered scaring them off, but it wouldn't be a good idea to alert anyone to another presence. Whatever. Let the kids have their fun. Their voices were muffled now anyway. Even with the enhanced acoustics of the sanctuary, they were fairly quiet, in their affair. Perhaps the two love birds were well practiced in secrecy. Vincent certainly had his own history of secrets with his love life. Not an expansive one, but dangerous enough to qualify.

Soon, something hit the front door, catching the three occupant's attention. Sephiroth awoke with a start. “Wha-?” Vincent snapped his hand over his mouth, shushing him. Slowly, he made his way back over to the short wall and glanced over the side again. The two kids hurried to gather what clothes were removed, when the door burst open. Those doors were fairly heavy, so to open them that easily would take a great deal of force. Sure enough, a group of ShinRa soldiers filed through the door being led by Omid. An old sparring partner who Vincent knew first hand was strong. Almost inhumanly so. Of course, that term was beginning to hold an entirely new meaning. However, he'd never been quite that strong.

Honorably chivalrous, the boy stood defensively in front of his girl. At least he was wearing pants, which was more than you could say for her. “I-I don't want no trouble, man.”

Omid stepped up to him, at least a head taller. “Is anyone else in here?”

“Um, no.”

“W-we just got here.” The girl answered, huddling closer to her boyfriend.

Vincent ducked back behind the wall, as Omid glanced around the sanctuary. He was fairly certain he wasn't seen, but who could really be sure.


Two sets of feet scurried towards the door. When they had faded, Vincent heard him speak again. “Seal all exits and search the area.”

“Aye, sir.” There was clear exhaustion in the tone of his troops. Evidently, this isn't anywhere near the first search they've performed. This became more clear with the sloppy manner of their search. They were far too noisy. Anyone they could be looking for would be alerted of their arrival long before finding anything.

Sephiroth slowly slid from the pew. “Vincent?”

Vincent shushed him, shifting closer. “Stay down.”

Hearing the search below, Sephiroth's eyes grew wider, clinging tighter to Vincent. “Are we stuck?”

“Not yet.” His eyes scanned the area, hoping to locate some other means, from the balcony, but their only exit was the barred door, or over the side. Vincent chanced a look over the edge to see a majority of the men were no longer in the main sanctuary. Only two men, standing guard at the entrance. One of the stained glass windows, on the opposite wall, had a portion broken out. Maybe they could escape through there, if there was a way to get to it without being seen. It would be simple to take out the two guards, but that would give away that they were here.

Vincent's gun aimed towards the door, with the sound of someone trying to open it. A voice came from the other side. “Sir, this door won't open. There seems to be something blocking it.” Vincent's free arm wrapped further around Sephiroth, pulling him closer. After a moment of silence, the door exploded, sending the end of the long pew blocking the way flying upwards. The dust kicking up blinded Sephiroth as he felt Vincent drag him somewhere, throwing himself over him as he lay flat on the ground. By the time he could see what had happened, Sephiroth began to realize that the pew had been flipped over, and they were hidden underneath. Somehow Vincent had managed to situate them both beneath it without being seen. Vincent held him closer, free hand still holding his gun ready, as they watched a pair of fancy shoes walking along the balcony.


The feet stopped, right in front of them. Vincent held his breath, grip tightening on Sephiroth's shoulder.

“It doesn't look like anybody's up here.”

The fancy shoes turned back towards the voice. “It would seem so.” They started heading back, but Vincent didn't take his eyes from them. Far faster than either of them registered, the pew was knocked back, off of them, a hand wrapping around Vincent's neck. Before he could react, Omid threw him over the side of the balcony. Vincent still had a hold of Sephiroth, but his grip broke as his back slammed into the large religious symbol at the front of the church. It was fortunate he had let go or his full weight would have fallen on the small child, when he finally hit the ground. Sephiroth's head was thrown for a loop, starting to push himself up. He pushed himself onto his elbows, glancing over at Vincent, who looked like he had barely staved off falling unconscious. Several ShinRa soldiers held their guns on him.

“I'm just here for the child, Vincent.”

Vincent pushed himself onto his knees. He looked up to see Omid standing on the low wall of the balcony.

“I don't want to fight you.”

Vincent positioned his feet under him. “You're right. You don't.” A golden light swirled into his eyes, and Sephiroth was surprised to see him holster his gun. “But, I can't let you take him.”

Omid's fists clenched at his side. “That's unfortunate.” The look in his eyes could potentially reflect this sentiment. Still, he planted a foot, on the side of the wall, launching towards Vincent, his fist leading the way. Vincent pushed Sephiroth between two nearby pews, standing to catch the airborne fist in the black claw. The second soon followed. It took a great deal just to hold off the assault. Vincent locked his knees, afraid any deviation would give Omid the upper hand. A Materia glow shone in his arms, as a wave of energy rushed through Vincent's body, and out his feet. The wood flooring beneath him cracked, under the force, starting to cave. Vincent shifted to the right, dropping his left hand. Omid toppled forward, only kept from hitting the ground, by a sharp knee to his stomach. Only momentarily dazed, his arms wrapped around Vincent's waist, arching his back to heave him into the ground behind him. However, Vincent's hands snapped out, managing to catch himself, before the hit landed.

Considering he could never do that before, Vincent took the moment of confusion to plant his feet against Omid's torso, pushing him through the floorboard and launched himself away.

Omid stared at him, wide eyed. “You've gotten a lot stronger.”

Vincent smirked. “I suppose being a genetic guinea pig does have its perks.” He faltered as those words escaped his lips. How could he say something like that so easily? Briefly, the golden glow flickered back to red.

Omid was taken aback by the comment as well. Vincent had disappeared five years ago, and none of them knew what had happened. The thought of him suffering under Hojo's experiments for that time was hard to comprehend. They had formed a friendship founded in rivalry. Complementing each others fighting styles and pushing one another. He really didn't want to have to fight him for real. But the man had a job to do.  Going against ShinRa was a certain death sentence. Steeling his resolve, Omid rushed forward. The glow in his arms intensified as a hit collided straight into Vincent's chest. The initial hit was immediately followed up by an intense shock wave. A technique Omid only used to stop the heart of his opponent. The impact knocked him straight back into the symbol again, cracking the lower half. He collapsed into the previously made hole, his body limp.

Two of the ShinRa soldiers had gone for Sephiroth and were knocked out by the small child. At this point, Sephiroth rushed Omid, but was countered easily. Omid pinned both of the thin wrists in one hand, holding Sephiroth against him. “We're heading back, men.” He spoke sadly., lowering his eyes.

“No!” Sephiroth screamed, unable to break free from the grip. He couldn't even budge him. “NO! Let me go!”

“I'm sorry child.”

Omid had barely gotten the words out, when a sharp kick snapped his head backwards, leading the rest of him along with it. Omid landed hard, a few feet away from the door. Fortunately the Materia he carried added endurance as well, so the attack didn't snap his neck. He recovered relatively quickly and looked up to see Vincent was standing in front of Sephiroth. There was a large bruise in the center of his chest, but that was the least of his worries. An odd violet glow was surrounding Vincent's left hand and there was a savagery to his features that he'd never seen before.

“Vincent?” The horror in his voice wasn't necessarily from fear.

Without giving him time to really recover Vincent rushed him and started attacking with an intensity that he'd never seen out of any human. It was nearly impossible to counter, even whenever he managed to block an attack. Even the sounds Vincent were making held a frightening animalistic quality to them. However, as time went on his fighting style began to shift. He was slowly becoming less ferocious, and a lot more familiar to Vincent normal techniques.

“Vincent!” He growled, diverting one of the attacks, “Do you really intend to fight the full force of ShinRa? Is this child really worth all of this?”

“I'm not even gonna bother answering that.” Vincent swung at him again, but after a few hits, Omid caught his leg. “If that's really how it is.” Before Vincent had time to react, he was slung towards the window, quickly followed up by another hit that launched him through the glass.

Vincent flipped over to get his feet under him, and punched Omid square in the shoulder to halt any further onslaught. However, it didn't seem as though Omid was going for damage. He snagged one of Vincent's arms, twisting around behind him, and kicked his knees out from under him. One hand planted on the back of Vincent's shoulder, pinning him face first into the ground.

Before Vincent managed to counter, Omid spoke, and diverted his attention. “The gates have sensors.”


Omid leaned in closer, just in case anyone would come around. “Every gate leading out of Midgar has a biological sensor on them that will set off an alarm at ShinRa, if the person is recognized.”

Again, in case anyone was nearby, Vincent struggled against him.

“And you better believe Hojo has both your's and the child's DNA in that system.”

Vincent managed to throw him off, punching at him. Omid knocked the attack away, locking their arms.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I'm not gonna bother answering that.” They both threw each other off, continuing their fight, which had devolved into a convincing charade. Once Omid was close enough again, he continued quickly. “Just head to Honey Bee and find Kat. She can lead you where you need to go.”

“Kat?” He recognized that name? Where did he know that name.

“I don't know anything more than that. It's better that way.”

Vincent felt a ping of sadness, as he was once again reminded that his friends were now his enemies; but they were still risking all they could to help him.

“The Materia, in my left arm, will keep me from losing consciousness.”

Another wave of sadness washed over him. “That's unfortunate, but I need to hurry back to Sephiroth.”

Omid nodded. “Best of luck, my friend.”

Vincent shifted his grip, to where the black claw was over the bright glow in Omid's left arm, and ripped through his skin. The yellow Materia sprang out, and Omid screamed, falling to his knees. Swiftly, Vincent nailed him in the head, snapping it dangerously.

He knelt next to his old friend, and checked his pulse. Fortunately, he was only unconscious.

Not wishing to waste any more time, Vincent grabbed the Materia, for good measure, and leapt back through the window. Despite his upbringing, the number of ShinRa soldiers had apparently been giving Sephiroth trouble. Surprisingly, he was unconscious, being carried out the door.

Vincent quickly took out the remaining soldiers, then nailed the one carrying Sephiroth. He knelt down, trying to wake him up. “Sephiroth?” There was no response. He was still breathing, even if it was a bit strained. Vincent ran a hand over his head, checking for injuries. He didn't seem to be hurt that badly. What had happened? Shortly, Vincent felt something prick the palm of his hand. He checked the area, to find a broken needle sticking about a quarter of an inch out of the side of his neck. Vincent sneered, plucking it out. “Assholes.” He'd have to wait until the sedative wore off.

“Guess you'll be getting a little more rest than you thought, kid.”

Vincent positioned Sephiroth back onto his hip, and cast one more look around the sanctuary. So much for not showing any evidence of his involvement here. A couple of the windows had been blown out. A large crack broke up the bottom corner of the religious symbol, and a giant hole had been carved into the hard wood floor beneath it. Not to mention the bodies laying everywhere; an unknown number of them possibly dead. Also, there was a large hole in the roof. Did he or Omid do that at some point, or had he just missed it upon his arrival?

Either way, it at least matched the aesthetic of the slums more accurately. Vincent sighed, feeling a large strain draining his mind, and exited the church, making sure the door w as closed securely behind him. A brief thought crossed his mind; wondering where those two kids ran off to, and what their reactions would be, if they actually came back.
Forgiveness: Chapt 11
Welcome back to the continuing adventures of Vincent and Sephiroth.  Damn, I had forgotten they were still in the train.  My brain has them way further by now.  Lol i made it a bit longer, mainly cause I couldn't find a decent place to cut this one off before here, and as a reward for any of ya'll still putting up with the long wait times. Sorry guys, I hate the lack of updates too.  I also wanna apologize if this chapter's a little more choppy than normal, cause even though the motivation's back, I'm afraid my time is greatly suffering from a back case of adulthood.

I also kept wanting the put out a little bit more of Vincent's Turk days so you could get a little bit more of a feel for who these random people I made up were, but that one's not going so well.  Maybe I can get one out before *Gets attacked by the spoiler monkeys.*

(c) Square-Enix
Kill Steal
I may have made this after raging about the ending to Resurrection F.  But I waited, like a good little fan, until it came out on DVD and more people would have seen it.  I went to the premiere, as a Vegeta fan, sitting next to a Goku fan.  So, there was some disagreement about the conclusion to this movie.  It's good to know the rivalry expands past the two Saiyans.  Fucking writing, trying to bring down the mighty Saiyan Prince.  They always have to get in the way.


(c) Akira Toriyama
Legacy by way2thedawn
Trunks:  You got any ideas?
Gohan:  Well, I do have one technique.  The good news is, I can fire it with one arm.
Trunks:  And the bad news?
Gohan:  You have to distract the Androids, while I charge it.
Trunks:  Well, that doesn't seem so bad.
Gohan:  For five minutes.  And considering they've been handing me my ass for years... eh, don't worry.  I'm sure you can handle it.
Trunks:  ............. You're screwing with me, right?
Gohan:  Ha, of course I am.  SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Oh, wait a minute... Am I implying that Gohan is more Piccolo's legacy than Goku's?  Sure, why not?  I didn't need Team Four Star or ScrewAttack to tell me Piccolo was a better father than Goku.  Lol.  

Still making my way through the numerous sketches.  

This is just something I always wanted to see.  Trunks couldn't possibly know the Galick Gun, (For some reason I want it more than Final Flash.) but Gohan should've known the Makankosappo.  Why didn't Piccolo ever teach it to him?  (On a side note, does Trunks know Masenko?  I feel like he used it in a movie, but I'm not sure.)  I've also made a realization that I have never drawn Gohan.  I can pretty much draw Trunks with my eyes closed, but Gohan just looks strange, for some reason.  And I don't think it's the missing arm.

I dunno.  I mainly used this as an excuse to practice different forms of ki.  Except for the first time Vegeta fires it, it always seemed like charging the Galick Gun, in any iteration, is very clean and streamline, where the Makankosappo had more of an organic feel, despite it being able to hold that spiral shape.  And, of course, the ki aura is similar to a flame.  FYI:  That aura was a pain in the arse to figure out.  Oh well.  These two are bad ass.  I really wish Future Gohan was still around.  He'd be so proud of his lil brother.  (Lol, in a brain fart, I was gonna make them both Super Saiyans, then realized Trunks wouldn't be one, if Gohan is still alive.  Oops.)

(c) Akira Toriyama
Nap Time by way2thedawn
Nap Time
The DBZ kick continues.  Since I can't seem to get into a writing groove, I'm trying to see if I can start getting some of my half-assed sketches to a state of completion, and there was a good chunk of DBZ.  (I also kinda figured this was appropriate cuz I recently started a warehouse job, working third shift.  It's exhausting more for just being strenuous, than late.)

The story I got behind this is that Bulma had gone off somewhere, most likely in the lab, leaving baby Trunks with future Trunks, Piccolo, Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and for some reason Master Roshi and Oolong were there.  And I suppose Puar.  (Vegeta had long since bolted.) Of course, he kept crying, and none of them knew what the hell to do.  So, Yamcha just kinda tossed him to future Trunks and said, "Here man.  Deal with yourself."  Of course, baby Trunks actually stopped crying.  They declared that this meant he could handle it, and deserted them.  Eventually he started to get the hang of babysitting, but dick move, guys.  After a while, Bulma finally came out to find they'd both fallen asleep on the couch, and couldn't resist snapping a photo.  (Which I'm gonna say she still carries around in her wallet.)  After all mothers love it when their children are being adorable, even if one of them isn't technically her son.  And, of course, Scratch staring with her big ol Popo eyes.

I tried to imitate the style the show pops in whenever someone takes a photo.  Every time I look back at this, I keep feeling like Future Trunks' arm's too big, but when I sight his anatomy it's accurate.  Guess I'm just not used to drawing muscular men.  

(c) Akira Toriyama
Cellpheroth by way2thedawn
And, here it is.  The culmination of my stupidity.  After all, if the remnants are the androids, then Sephiroth has to be the ultimate, perfect Cell.  In the classic Freeza pose, because apparently Sephy's a nerd.  That, or he can't keep his DBZ villains straight.  

There's potential to this idiocy.  It's way too amusing.

Remnants 16, 17, & 18:…

Sephiroth (c) Square-Enix
Cell (c) Akira Toriyama
So, as much as my mom annoys me with her snide little comments, and mocking most of what we're watching, sometimes she really cracks me up.  I'm watching Advent Children, and mama waltzes in for the last half of it.  Upon seeing Cloud, she refuses to believe that he is a man.  Swears up and down that Cloud has to be a woman, because he's too pretty and is perfectly clean shaven.  Of course, she has no problem believing Cid and Barret are male.  Hell, she even believes that Vincent is a man (even before he spoke), but nope... there's no way.  Cloud has to be a woman.  After a while, I'm pretty sure she's just being a troll, but it's still amusing.  Then, she says something that keels me over with hysteria.  At the end of the movie, when Aeris is leaving with Zack my mom says, "Yea, I'm gonna go with him, because he's manlier."

She could not comprehend the beauty behind why I was laughing so hard, but was still amused at my reaction.  I always knew Cloud was just a fake, blonde Zack, and now I know that people who don't know anything about the series can see it too.
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