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Remnants 16, 17, and 18 by way2thedawn
Remnants 16, 17, and 18
Ya'll have no idea how long this has been sitting on the back burner of my brain.  Every time it sparks up again, something keeps distracting me from finishing.  Like those eyes.  Damn those android eyes.  How they 
haunt me so.

Anyways, The Android Saga is by far my favorite arc.  The androids are awesome, Cell is a trip, and Trunks is my favorite character.  (Also Vegeta) Every time I watch now, I realize how much these three remind me of Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz.  So, this was inevitable.  I'm gonna call this an awesome cosplay for them. 

Loz - Android 16
Kadaj - Android 17
Yazoo - Android 18

On a side note, maybe it's cause he's in a skirt, or I'm used to seeing 18 wearing it, but Yazoo is still way too pretty/feminine.  

PS: Omg.... i just realized something.  (Something ya'll can likely predict as well.)  It's stupid and awesome all in one perfect package.  :mwahaha:

Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz (c) Square-Enix
Android 16, 17, 18 (c) Akira Toriyami
Conception by way2thedawn
Ahh, delving more into my head cannon, where Vincent is actually Sephiroth's father.  Course, in my head cannon, Lucrecia's actually using Vincent as breeding stock, but let's not let that get in the way of Vincent getting something good, for once.  Trying my hand again at more of a realistic take.  Gettin there.  (On a side note.  Satin texture. :faint: ) Oddly enough, the feathers were implemented because of DBZ, while I was working on this. (One of the outros talks about people having once been angels) Once they were in, the whole feel of this image changed.  It was kinda freaky.  Still not too sure about how they turned out.  Been a long time since I've drawn feathers, and I've never CGed them before. 

I've been in a really strange funk the past few years, with little to no motivation to do anything artistic.  Drawing, writing, or even reading.  (the only thing I seem to be able to focus on has been my cards.)  However, during this time, has been a random series of half-assed, or half done sketches, which are slowly being realized.  And, somehow, this is the first one to catch a full spark.  It took me about 4 days - so yeah.  I keep really wanting to write, but every time I try to start up again, all motivation just drains out of me.  Hopefully this is the start of me getting back in the swing of things.

(c) Square-Enix
Pretty Much Explains my Childhood. by way2thedawn
Pretty Much Explains my Childhood.
On a side note, I also wanted that vampire doll Jack gave that one lil girl.  My mommy said no.
KH Tarot: Seven of Staffs (lineart) by way2thedawn
KH Tarot: Seven of Staffs (lineart)
Check out this classy mother ducker.  I've used that joke way too much, but it still amuses me.  Scrooge McDuck.  The epitome of entrepreneurship.  (Look at me bustin out my hundred dollar words for the 1%.)

Shield Six: Adamant Shield

Upright: Vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investment

Reversed: Lack of long-term vision, limited success or reward


KH tarot started by :iconautumn-sacura:
(c) Square-Enix
(c) Disney

Welcome Back, Kermit by way2thedawn
Welcome Back, Kermit
Even though the commercials make me nervous about The Muppets reboot, I'm still pretty excited.  So here's America officially welcoming him back into our lives.  The world needs The Muppets again.  I just hope ABC doesn't destroy them.

Muppets (c) Jim Henson
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
So, as much as my mom annoys me with her snide little comments, and mocking most of what we're watching, sometimes she really cracks me up.  I'm watching Advent Children, and mama waltzes in for the last half of it.  Upon seeing Cloud, she refuses to believe that he is a man.  Swears up and down that Cloud has to be a woman, because he's too pretty and is perfectly clean shaven.  Of course, she has no problem believing Cid and Barret are male.  Hell, she even believes that Vincent is a man (even before he spoke), but nope... there's no way.  Cloud has to be a woman.  After a while, I'm pretty sure she's just being a troll, but it's still amusing.  Then, she says something that keels me over with hysteria.  At the end of the movie, when Aeris is leaving with Zack my mom says, "Yea, I'm gonna go with him, because he's manlier."

She could not comprehend the beauty behind why I was laughing so hard, but was still amused at my reaction.  I always knew Cloud was just a fake, blonde Zack, and now I know that people who don't know anything about the series can see it too.
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